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About us

About us

Since the establishment of our company” Dash Group” and throughout the 25 years of experience we distributed licensed bicycles such as Barbie and Spiderman amongst other brands. We represented companies like Rand International and MV Sports with our focus directed towards locally manufacturing licensed bikes in Egypt under our own brand name “Dash Bikes”.

In 2005 we started to partner with major licensed companies in the world such as Marvel for Spiderman, Warner Brother for Superman, Zorro Production for Zorro and Hit Entertainment for Barney, Sanrio for Hello Kitty, Lamborghini and Ferrari.


To be established as one of the top bicycle shops in the country providing innovative and top quality products to our customers through supplying the widest range of brands.


We are committed to sharing our passion and knowledge for the bicycle through providing a wide variety of brands to suit all different ages thus allowing them to experience the joy of riding.

Starting 2013 and In order to accomplish our mission we opened our first retail bicycle shop “Wheels”, at one of the biggest Malls in Egypt ( Mall Of Arabia) in 2012 offering a full line of products and services for all different ages. We constantly strive to offer quality service and expertise to exceed our customers’ expectations. In our shop we offer a comprehensive line of bicycles that suits the need of all ages and we also offer electric scooters, golf cars, Peugeot scooters to become the first store in Egypt sells all branded wheeled products under one roof

In our pursuit to provide the maximum choice for our customers, we currently have a number of different style bicycles in several sizes to meet the demands of all age groups:

  1. Ferrari
  2. Hello Kitty
  3. Spiderman
  4. Specialized
  5. Berg
  6. Warner Bros. :
    • Tom & Jerry
    • Batman
    • Superman
    • Tweety
    • Team Looney Tunes